10 Marketing tips that will boost your business!

In an increasingly competitive and dynamic market, getting your space and your identity can seem like an impossible task. No matter how good your product and/or services are, in the midst of so many options, it is difficult to make your products reach the public without a good marketing strategy at the base. That’s where digital marketing makes a difference.

Of course, for small businesses with small budgets, the investment in building an internal marketing team or investing in digital campaigns is something considered unthinkable, however, there are small actions that can make all the difference, even without a marketing team.

Learn now 10 tips that can help you boost your business:

Social Media

  • Instagram Stories

Where the word “immediate” is the order of the day. Instagram stories are effective for all companies that want to establish a close relationship with their target audience. Of particular interest to convey the dissemination of new products or know the opinion of your audience through numerous free resources available in the application.

  • Use, but don’t abuse hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to reach new audiences. The use of hashtags should be done in a dosed and educated manner. In other words, you need to stipulate the hashtags that actually make sense for your business and/or products.

  • Follow your competition

With the competitiveness of the market it is increasingly important to follow your competitors in order to understand what strategies they adopt, what content they deliver to their audience and how they do it. This way, you will be able to adopt a marketing strategy that will distinguish you from your competition and, consequently, boost your business!

  • Get your image online

Exposing your image on social networks can be a challenge, however this exposure can bring you numerous advantages. By posting photos or videos of yourself, whether showing a product, advertising a service, giving a lecture or attending an event, this will convey values such as trust, authority and product/service knowledge to your audience.

  • Bet on Giveaways

Have you ever thought that you can increase awareness, likes, followers and even conversions of your product/service by offering something to your audience? Giveaways are a tried and tested strategy that really works, where everyone wins. However, you should pay attention to the reach and size of your profile, as well as the interaction of your audience, if you have a smaller profile maybe this is not the most appropriate strategy due to low adhesion.


Adopt a content marketing strategy

  • Write for your audience

    The best content is that which meets the needs of your audience. Put yourself on the other side and reflect, on what content would you like to consume.

    First of all, you need to understand your customer. You need to know what their weaknesses are and what keeps them awake at night and, from there, you need to create relevant content capable of fulfilling your customer’s and ultimately consumers’ needs.

    Add visual elements

    At a time when it is increasingly difficult to capture the public’s attention, it is essential to use visual elements to divide the blocks of text in a balanced and captivating way for the reading public. By interspersing text and images you will make reading and interpreting your content a much simpler task.

    Produce quality content

    It sounds obvious, but it has to be said, produce content that makes you proud. Search engines don’t like poor-quality content, let alone readers. Create different and original content, leaning on quality creative strategies.

    Use memes, but beware!

    If your company is not highly corporate, memes, when used intelligently, are an excellent way to interact with your audience. Besides, they are easily shared, which boosts the reach of your brand.

    Dedicate yourself to titles

    How important are titles?

    As they say: “there is no second chance for a first impression”, the title is, many times, the first impression that the reader has of your brand. If it is not attractive, if it is too long, if it misleads the reader about the subject matter, it will cause the reader to misinterpret your brand, which will have direct repercussions on your authority.

    Use “Top 10” contents

    Top lists are widely used and known in content creation. Audiences love this type of content. Just the fact that you are here reading our article proves such a theory. So, once again, meet what your audience wants. Use and abuse these lists.