We apply all our know-how in Digital Marketing so that your company gets results.

We work with you to define a Web Marketing strategy for your brand. This strategy can include channels such as social networks, paid channels, organic channels, e-mail marketing and influence marketing, depending on your needs.

  • Social Media Management
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Technical Audit of Websites
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Content Marketing

If necessary we create or remake your website. To do so, we use a clear strategy of Content Marketing, aiming to produce original and unique content to reach the intended audience and ensure good positioning in search engines.

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Depending on the budget presented, we will establish the concept and the communicational approach to follow. We will analyze and understand which are the best platforms to present ourselves, get to know your competitors, and what is the most appropriate way to communicate your products and services. We also organize, in a chronological manner, which material will be produced and which channels/media will be used - this phase includes the visual graphic supports and the copywriting, appropriate to the strategy previously discussed and approved.


Taking into account the defined strategy, we implement a consistent strategy of presence on social networks through various means (publications, campaigns and/or other content) according to your brand's objectives.


Regarding digital strategies, data analysis it's an absolute must.  To fine-tune campaigns and communication elements, we often analyse all collected data concisely and thoroughly.


Above all, we believe that the secret to solid and clear communication lies in a strategy and implementation where everything is planned, managed and monitored.

  1. First of all, we define together the best strategy and the measures to be implemented to have the closest contact with your customers.
  2. We then help you choose the most suitable platforms for your business and quickly start working to increase the number of interactions and shares between your customers.

At the same time, we will increase not only your brand awareness but also your reach and business volume!


Increase the visibility of your business by placing your products and services in the first results of search engines.

We apply SEO techniques to ensure that your website interacts optimally with the maximum number of algorithms. Above all, we prioritise the quality and speed of your website, as well as the experience of its users. This way you will have a website that positions itself in the first organic results of search engines.


The goal of our audit of your website is to identify as many key issues as possible. Thus, the SEO audit will reveal:

  • Technical SEO issues;
  • Flaws in the structure of the website;
  • SEO issues on each page;
  • Potential problems with internal and external links;
  • Disruptions in navigation;
  • Content gaps and opportunities for improvement;
  • Competitive market insights.

Our audit will also cover other professional data such as accessibility, indexing and optimization.

Afterwards, it is possible to request a quote from the oseubackoffice team to correct all the issues identified in the audit.


Creating optimized content is more than putting letters together to form words and words together to form sentences.

Content creation is more complex than it sounds, as it encompasses several processes until you get to the much-desired optimised content. First, the content is planned. Next, the audience that will consume this content is studied (elaboration of persona). Only after this phase does the content start to be created. Subsequently, it is distributed by the most appropriate channels and, finally, the measurement of results takes place.
At oseubackoffice, copywriting for SEO is all about creating useful, compelling, and valuable content that targets specific keywords for others to promote and share. This results in increased authority for your website and consequently better search engine ranking results.

  • Copywriting in multiple languages
  • Textual content for Websites and Blog Articles
  • Content creation optimized for SEO with Keyword Research and Optimization, development of Page Titles, Page Descriptions and Alternative Texts
  • Content Marketing


Boost your sales and increase your business visibility through online advertising. Start advertising on Google today. We are your traffic manager, we manage your Google Ads campaigns and help you achieve your business goals.

Our Google Ads Campaigns service not only includes all campaign setup, selection of relevant keywords, creation of attractive ads, performance monitoring, ongoing optimisation and reporting but also includes integration with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

With Google Tag Manager integration, we can easily monitor important events of your google ads like button clicks, form submissions and more. We make sure to track all metrics and analyse the performance of all your ads. 

With Google Analytics we analyse in detail not only the relevant information about your website’s paid traffic but also the performance of your campaigns on Google. With this information, we make informed and crucial decisions to optimise your ads for better results and therefore a higher return on investment.

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