Marketing Plan

Right away, about creating a good Marketing plan, we have to be honest. Nowadays, there is nothing more important than getting your idea online, be it through the creation of a Website, a Blog, Google Adwords Campaigns or Social Media pages.

So, if you already have an idea of what you want to do online, it’s time for action. The next step is to define a Digital Marketing Plan.

Questions like “who is my target audience?” and “what is my goal?” will start to arise. It is at this point that it is important to segment what factors are important for the success of your brand/company.

Steps to take when developing a Marketing Plan:

Step 1 – Attract your target audience:

In other words, find out who your potential customers are. To do this you should produce and publish valuable content, as well as share it on a variety of channels (always depending on your goal!) – whether on social media, blogs, websites, etc. Pay maximum attention to the written production of your content! Make sure they are optimized for SEO – especially concerning search terms (keywords). At this stage, you can also invest in paid advertisements – pay-per-click.

Step 2 – Convert your target audience into leads:

That is, to get contact and personal data not only from your current customers but also from potential ones. To do this, it is necessary to offer something to your audience in return for personal data such as e-mail, name and/or phone number. The creation of traditional CTA (call to action) buttons that direct to landing pages that promote services in exchange for providing data are considered a good strategy.

Step Three – Establish connections with your audience:

That is, by relating to your audience throughout the sales process you will make your customers feel special. From the moment you start capturing leads, you need to invest in a more individualized process aimed at transforming the lead into a customer. One of the strategies often used at this stage is e-mail marketing.

Step Four – Close sales:

Finally, the goal of a good marketing plan is to close sales. Therefore, at this stage, it is necessary that both the marketing and the sales department are in tune and oriented toward the same goal. And why, you ask. We explain. After the acquisition of leads, carried out by the marketing team, the commercial area must grab them. Your company must make an extra effort to keep your customers happy because only then the customer becomes a fan of your brand and is much more willing to share your content and refer your services to others.

Remember, a happy customer will always come back. And who knows, maybe they will come back with 2 or 3 more potential clients!