The development of content has been gaining more and more prominence in the communication strategies of each company. This is a trend that has been confirmed by the reality observed among agencies responsible for developing content marketing strategies. Therefore, today we give you our best tips on how to write a perfect article, that is, the most optimized and relevant as possible.

The best tips for writing a perfect article:

The first thing to do is to decide on a topic and associate a keyword to it that adds value and relates directly to the topic and the company. As much as you may think that you need the help of an expert for this phase, there are tools that can help you in this step. As is the case of Google Keyword Planner.

The second tip is to analyze your competition. Understand if your competition also has a blog and avoid falling into the error of using the same themes. In this step, we recommend a good dose of inspiration combined with content research. Research and be inspired until you feel able to give your article a creative approach.

After the pre-writing decisions, it is finally time to get down to business! Now, of course, the article being developed must respect some characteristics that are fundamental when it comes to content creation. The article you are about to develop must be relevant, captivating and above all, unique. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Don’t write just for the sake of writing. Keep in mind that it is important to add value to those who will read your article. This is the only way to establish an empathetic relationship between the reader and your brand/business.

After the development of the content, we enter the aesthetic part. The next tip goes along the lines of what is commonly practised by content marketing agencies, but it is not difficult to operate on the same basis. That is, once you have the article written, look at it and think of ways to make it more appealing. For example, use images for each subheading, this will keep the text from becoming tiring and monotonous for the reader. As a complementary strategy, also think about creating shorter paragraphs that are all about the same length to create as little visual “noise” as possible.


Finally, you must proofread at least twice to ensure that you do not miss any errors. If you feel more confident in the result, try asking a colleague or friend to read your article and you will have confirmation that it is easy to read and error-free.

If we assume that the text is closed, we are left with a title that is following the theme and all the content developed throughout the article. So, try several titles until you realize which one best suits the content. Remember that the title should be elucidative so that the reader can, at first glance, understand what the article is about.

Our last tip is to ask for opinions. In other words, try asking a colleague or friend for their opinion on your article to understand if your article meets the expectations, you set beforehand. Remember that something interesting for you, may not be for others. It is extremely important to get varied opinions as a way to test your audience – it is the best way to get feedback and make any changes.

Don’t wait any longer, don’t hesitate and don’t put any more obstacles in front of you. Start developing your blog today and if you have any difficulties, we are here.