What is visual identity?

As human beings, we have numerous characteristics that distinguish us from others, both physically and mentally. These characteristics make us unique and make us recognizable and remembered by others, that is, that we have an identity. In the world of design, the same happens, visual identity refers to the set of graphic elements (logo, colours, typography, slogan, among others) that aim to transmit the image and characteristics of the brand quickly and objectively and keep it in the public’s mind. Do you want to know the importance of having a good visual identity? Stay with us!


What is the importance of having a good visual identity?

Having a good visual identity is fundamental to creating a consistent and recognisable image for the company, which can help your brand/company to stand out in the market and be remembered by consumers at the moment of purchase decision.

A good visual identity draws attention, stands out and can transmit the concept and mission of your brand/company in seconds. A bad identity, on the other hand, is not attractive, coherent or consistent, which makes your brand just another one among many others, and it will not be recognised.

The greater the presence of the aforementioned graphic elements in people’s daily lives in general, the greater the notoriety and recognition of your brand. Hence the importance of consistency and repetition, are two very important design fundamentals.

You’ve certainly heard of the expression “Eyes eat too”. We completely agree with this expression. Imagine a cake without filling, it’s not so appetizing, right? Metaphorically speaking, visual identity is the filling of your cake, in the sense that it makes your cake more appetizing and makes more people want to taste it.

The great world brands show in practice what a well-worked visual identity is.

Imagine a certain white symbol in the centre of a black rectangle or the phrase: “Just do it”.

If you immediately thought of Nike, it shows that the effort applied to brand identity has not been in vain.

This brand recognition makes it easier to reference, which can increase your sales. Do you want to be one more brand/company in the middle of many others, without identity and recognition? No? Then ask for your budget now!